Tips Travel to Mount Bromo

Tips Travel to Mount Bromo

Description Trip: There are some tips travel to Mount Bromo backpacking vacation that you will need to know about to make sure that you are able to get only the best experience from this magnificent mountain.

Tips Travel to Mount Bromo Backpacking Vacation
Tips Travel to Mount BromoIndonesia is a land of myth, and you would be hard-pressed not to be amazed if you ever get the chance to experience the wonders of this country. One of the places you must visit while in Indonesia is Mount Bromo. There are tips to Mount Bromo you will need to know, especially if you plan to go there yourself in a true backpacker fashion. Although Mount Bromo is generally a quite tame and temperate mountain, it is still an active volcano with extreme temperatures and rather unpredictable weather, so it would be best for you to be prepared.

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Necessary Tips Travel to Mount Bromo for Backpacker Tourists
You may be quite experienced when it comes to traveling alone or with friends in a backpacking vacation. If that is the case, you will know to be prepared when entering an unknown terrain. Several tips travel to Mount Bromo backpacking vacation you need to know include:

  1. Transportation Tips
    The most important thing and one that most people unfortunately do not prepare enough for when it comes to backpacking vacations is the matter of transportation. This is exceedingly important if you are from another country, because you may not be able to drive there using your own vehicle and would require public transportation. To travel to Mount Bromo from the nearby city of Yogyakarta, you can find a specialized bus that will take you directly to the vicinity. Or, if you fear taking the wrong bus, the train is another viable alternative.
  2. Lodging Tips
    Lodging in Mount Bromo should not be a problem, because there are resorts that would allow you to check in without prior notice. Only, you may not be able to if you go there during peak season. If you are unable to make prior reservations, you could simply bring your camping equipment and camp at a place called Cemoro Lawang. The other option is to stay with the locals. They are very accepting, and you could give them some money as a token of your gratitude.
  3. Sightseeing Tips
    Another one of the tips travel to Mount Bromo includes making an itinerary about the places you want to visit and see. Remember to dress yourself for the occasion. The temperature at Mount Bromo would freeze you right down to the bones if you do not wear jackets and gloves.

Tips Travel to Mount Bromo

There are many sights to see in Mount Bromo, including an amazingly beautiful waterfall, volcano craters, sunrise at the peak of the mountain, and many others. The last of the tips travel to Mount Bromo would be to advise you to enjoy your journey and savor this experience of a lifetime.

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