Taman Safari 2 Prigen

Taman Safari 2 Prigen

Description: The Taman Safari 2 Prigen Pasuruan is one of the most visited destination in Indonesia. Even locals love to visit because the animals kept there are exotic as well as well-groomed.

Experience Wildlife at Safari Park Prigen ( Taman Safari 2 Prigen )
Taman Safari 2 PrigenOften considered one of the best attractions in Indonesia, Taman Safari 2 Prigen is a famous animal conservation area in Indonesia. Bigger than an average zoo by a hefty measure, this Safari Park is an area of wildlife that is capable of presenting a special and unforgettable traveling experience for your family. Not only that, this place is the perfect educational spot for children. The sheer number of exotic animals you will be able to see there is amazing.

The location of Taman Safari 2 Prigen is in National Park of Mount Arjuna, Prigen – Pasuruan, East Java Pasuruan and the highway between Surabaya and Malang, It about 50 Km drive from Juanda International Airport Surabaya and it’s about 45km from Malang.

Visiting to Taman Safari 2 Prigen Pasuruan Indonesia not only did by one day tour, you can take combination tour package with other tourism as like Malang tourism or Mount Bromo that has duration 2 days 1 night, if I give you recommend you can take Bromo Taman Safari Prigen Tour 2 days 1 night as your travel package.

The Taman Safari 2 Prigen is one of the biggest conservation areas in the world. The park is very proactive in saving endangered animals in Indonesia. But not only that, there are several imported animals as well such as the penguins which have been given a nice habitat there. In addition to being a conservation area for rare animals, the park combines the concept of recreational and educational activities. This ingenious combination has made this park one of the most successful recreational area for families.

The Available Taman Safari 2 Prigen Zones
The park area is divided into three zones, namely Wildlife, Recreational, and Baby Zoo zones. Each zone of Taman Safari 2 Prigen has a different focus and should be enjoyed separately. In the Wildlife zone, you can see a variety of animals from all around the world. This zone is divided into four regions, based on the type of animals contained within. The Asian region, African region, American region, and European region are all inhabited by animals with natural habitats that vary according to their native origins.

For the next two zones, the names should speak for themselves. The Baby Zoo part of Taman Safari 2 Prigen is one that is designated specifically for educating children. They can look more closely at a variety of exotic animals such as kangaroos, tigers, pandas, and many others. The children can even hold the animals in this part of the safari park and interact as well as take pictures with them.

As for the Recreational zone, children who have had the exciting experience of learning more about the wildlife will be given a reward in the form of recreational rides. There are so many rides to choose from, including that not even the parents will get bored. For those who prefer outdoor games, options such as Paint Ball games as well as the Flying Fox are also available for your enjoyment. Not only that. At Taman Safari 2 Prigen, you will be able to ride animals that you usually would never even get a chance at touching. Imagine riding on the back of elephants and feeling like the king of the jungle.

Taman Safari 2 Prigen

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