Songa Rafting Pekalen

Songa Rafting Pekalen

Description Tour guide: Traveling to Indonesia would not be a complete experience if you had not tried the Songa Rafting Pekalen or Songa Adventure.This is one ride that will give you an adrenaline rush.

The Exciting Adventure of Songa Rafting Pekalen
Songa Rafting PekalenWhile you are visiting Pekalen, Probolinggo in Indonesia, you should really try the Songa Rafting Pekalen vacationing option out. It is one of the most famous and most-visited place in Indonesia and would most likely give you a rush of adrenaline as well as an experience you would hardly be able to forget. Rafting may not be new for you, but rafting there is different, and not for the faint of heart. The rivers there are known for their temper and ferocity, so make sure you are able to handle it before you jump into a raft and start paddling away.

The Reason Why You Need to Try Songa Rafting Pekalen
The Songa Rafting Pekalen, or an activity more commonly referred to as Songa Adventure in the local area, is a natural attraction that is set to cater to the more adventurous of tourists visiting East Java. The rafting experience is an adventure in itself, and would make you forget about all your problems as you rush down the river and struggle to keep the raft even, fighting against the battering of the rocks and stream. You will feel alive again – your soul refreshed after being repressed and stressed out by everyday life. We all live for those fleeting moments of adventure, and there is a primal need for them buried deep within each and every one of us.

This Songa Rafting Pekalen activity will be conducted at Probolinggo Pekalen river. It is a river that is well known for its rather harsh battering, and the sight of that quickly rushing water will send a shiver down your spine at first, as you wonder how you are ever going to survive that. But you most certainly will, because expert tour guides and safety personnel will be there to keep you company. This place started out as a mere river, but then started attracting the attention of both local and international tourists as satisfied adventurers went on to persuade others to at least try it once in their lives.

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The Attraction of Songa Rafting Pekalen
The Songa Rafting Pekalen is often considered as one of the best rafting spots in the world, and for good reason. This rafting paradise is an all-in-one package, combining amazing natural scenic attractions such as deep caves and tall waterfalls that are not found in other rafting spots. After you have satisfied your senses with the natural beauty of Pekalen, you will be able to next quench your thirst for adventure. The rapids are challenging and varied.

You can choose three rafting options at the Pekalen River, ranging from top to bottom. The top provides the longest rafting route, stretching up to 12 kilometers. The middle area is a rather short but fantastic adventure at 7 kilometers, while the bottom area offers a well-balanced 10 meters. Songa Rafting Pekalen is one thing you will never forget.

Songa Rafting Pekalen

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