Semeru Trekking Tour 3 days 2 nights

Semeru Trekking Tour 3 days 2 nights

Description Trip: The Semeru Trekking Tour lasting for 3 days and 2 nights will make it the best weekend of your life as you strive to conquer the tallest mountain in the island of Java.

Semeru Trekking Tour 3 Days 2 Nights
Semeru Trekking Tour 3 Days 2 NightsIndonesia is the nation of wonders, where many hidden places are still green and untouched. One of the best places you will discover in Indonesia lies in the island of Java—more precisely the east side of it. There you can participate in the Semeru Trekking Tour 3 days 2 nights to be taken for a journey of your life. The National Park of Tengger in East Java is the home of a good number of locals, indigenous tribes, and two majestic mountains: Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru.

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Mount Bromo is the more generic tourist area, with polished roads and jeep rides you can take to the top. It is suitable for families with younger children simply looking to have a good time. Whereas with Mount Semeru, it is an entirely different matter. It is the tallest mountain in the island of Java, and is recommended for climbers who need a challenge. While you participate in the Semeru Trekking Tour, you will be treated to a good number of diverse landscapes and natural beauties, including a lake, flower bushes, towering trees, and many others.

Please read the tour program of Semeru Trekking Tour 3 Days 2 Nights as I offer to you.
Semeru Trekking Tour Day 1
During the first day of the Semeru Trekking Tour 3 days 2 nights, after you have arrived, you will be picked up from Malang or Surabaya Airport/hotel and taken directly to the foot of Mount Semeru. The Ranu Pane Lake is a lake nestled under the shadows of Mount Semeru. It is famous for being one of the best camping sites, offering great view both during the day and in the night. You will find many things to do as you settle there, including climbing hills, enjoying the view of the lake, and many others.

Semeru Trekking Tour Day 2 and 3
The next day, Starting from Ranu Pane and take the journey to Ranu Kumbolo by trekking 4 hours, after getting this place on Ranu Kumbolo lake you will take rest for a moment and having lunch. And to be continued to Kali mati camping sites, just hours trekking you will arrive at Kali mati. At 11.00 you will be woken at midnight in order to start the trek to the top of Mount Semeru by 5 hours hard trekking. You should arrive just in time to witness the sunrise. It is exceedingly beautiful and people have come from all around the world to be able to enjoy this sight. The fact that you will actually be standing above a sea of clouds, looking down as the sun lazily creeps up will add to the otherworldly feeling. After that, you will start the journey back to the camping site.

The third day is the time to go home. Three days of enjoying the Semeru Trekking Tour, and you will have a bucketful of fond memories to take home with you. If you have other plans, you can start the journey to Mount Bromo to enjoy a whole new sensation of being one with nature. After you have arrived in Surabaya or Malang the program of Semeru Trekking Tour 3 days 2 nights is end.

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Semeru Trekking Tour 3 days 2 nights

Let take your planning to visit Indonesia and to try the trekking the highest mountain in east Java Mount Semeru 3.676 above sea level by using the tour program is Semeru Trekking Tour 3 days 2 nights.

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