Ranu kumbolo Lake

Ranu kumbolo Lake

Description: Many people travel to Bromo just to experience the beauty of Ranu Kumbolo Lake. This lake is a sight in itself with the crystal clear surface and air of mystery.

Witness the Dazzling Surface of Ranu Kumbolo Lake
Ranu kumbolo LakeFor those who would like to visit East Java in Indonesia and have heard of the majestic Mount Bromo as well as Mount Semeru, remember to keep an eye out for Ranu Kumbolo Lake. This lake is the pride and joy of the national park where both soaring mountains are located. This is a freshwater lake located in the shadow of Mount Semeru. This lake is about 15 hectares wide. Its beauty is legendary, with the surface of the still water flashing blue and green with the rise and fall of the sun. The lake is surrounded by scenic landscapes such as grassy fields as well as hills dotted with small white flowers.

For nature lovers and backpackers, Ranu Kumbolo could be familiar. Because the lake is a transit point for those who will continue the journey to climb the peak of Mount Semeru, which is the highest peak on the island of Java, and the third highest peak in Indonesia. Climbing to the top of Mount Semeru would take the better part of four days, and prior to that long trek, many climbers choose to take a breather first by enjoying the stunning view that Ranu Kumbolo Lake has to offer.

The Reason Why Ranu Kumbolo Lake is So Popular
The water level in Ranu Kumbolo Lake is always steady, with no real signs of increasing or decreasing at any given time. This lake is the picture of beauty and serenity, and thus has enticed many climbers to set up tent and start camping in this place. Especially for those who would soon begin the journey to challenge Mount Semeru, rest at this peaceful lake is very important because the energy stored up here could mean the difference between success and failure.

There is a unique beauty to Ranu Kumbolo that compels many to travel from all over the world for a feel of the peacefulness that this lake is capable of granting. When the sun begins to rise between two green hills, the hypnotic and otherworldly charm of this place will make you unable to look away. When night falls the lake reflects the sea of stars up above, glittering under the serene light like a scene from a dream.

The Preparations Before Visiting Ranu Kumbolo Lake
For those simply wishing to enjoy the beauty of this lake, there is not much preparation to make except for perhaps your cameras and camping supplies. But for those wishing to challenge Mount Semeru afterwards, there are lots of preparations to make. Mount Semeru is not just any mountain. You need to prepare equipment such as, waterproof jackets, socks and gloves, and also sleeping bags as well as a tent. Be sure to enjoy the scenic view of Ranu Kumbolo Lake before climbing up the highest mountain.

Ranu kumbolo Lake

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