Rafting Pekalen Tour Package Full Day

Rafting Pekalen Tour Package Full Day

Probolinggo rafting at Pekalen river or Rafting Pekalen TourRafting Pekalen Tour Package Full day. When you visit East Java, the one thing you should not forget to do is try out the famous Rafting Pekalen. More so for the people who would like to have one or two good adrenaline-pumping challenges in their lives, keep this place in mind and remember to visit if you should find yourself in Indonesia. Rafting at Pekalen river is world famous activity that will challenge your senses and stretch your abilities to the limit. You may find yourself struggling to right the raft, shrieking under the cold spray of water, and tumbling down steep falls, but those challenging situations are exactly what you need to feel alive.

While participating in Rafting Pekalen, you will first need to trek down a mountain valley route as you travel to the river. There, the roar of the gushing water will greet your senses. Witness the place where you will experience one of the most beautifully rapid stream of all. You will be given three choices of rafting activity tour package full day arrangers, the Regulo, Songa Adventure, and the Noars Rafting.

The Difference between Rafting Pekalen Tour Package Options
Basically, all three Rafting Pekalen options are not that much different since they are all conducted at the same river. But as you consider these offers, you will notice several details that have been made unique by all three providers in order to make you prefer their service. The differences include:

  • Price
    As Songa and Regulo are the more famous and commonly preferred of the three, their prices may seem a bit higher than Noars’. But is does not mean that Noars is lesser in terms of service. They may cost a little bit less, but you will still be able to enjoy the scenic route of Pekalen River.
  • Additional Services
    Some additional services may differ. For example, Noars will offer you a complementary drink of ginger milk. As you have finished the route and arrive at a beautiful waterfall, the tour guide will whip out a cup of hot drink to soothe your senses. Enjoying the stunning view of the layered waterfall while sipping the milk is a truly fantastic experience.

The Similarities between Rafting Pekalen Tour Package Options
All three offer the same three options. You can choose whether you would prefer to sail upriver, downriver, or at the middle part of Pekalen River. The three options are different in terms of the level of difficulty, the speed at which the water rushes, and the length of the route. If you would like a true Rafting Pekalen experience, the upriver route offers the longest ride of 12 kilometers. The middle route is just about 7 kilometers, but the rapids are a real challenge. Finally, the downriver route is a beautiful ride of 10 kilometers.

All three are viable options and would end with your arrival at a waterfall. The waterfall is a truly magnificent sight, especially seen after a tough Rafting Pekalen exertion, and you will be able to drift peacefully with the current while sipping hot drink.

Program tour Package
There are any days system of the tour of Rafting Pekalen Tour Package Full Day that you can learn before taking this tour package:

Rafting Pekalen Tour Package Full Day is process pick up from your arrival on Surabaya, Malang or from Bromo, then transfer to Probolinggo by 4 hours drive. After getting it then do rafting on Pekalen river could be on Songa Rafting or Noars Rafting. Enjoy the rafting, after that have lunch at location of rafting then you will taken back to Surabaya or Malang for finish program.

Rafting Pekalen Tour Package Full Day

If you wanna try this tour Rafting Pekalen Tour Package Full Day at Pekalen, the participant min 4 person. enjoy your vacation only with us.

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