Mount Semeru

Mount Semeru

The Exotic Beauty of Mount Semeru
mount semeruThe Mount Semeru est java, much like Mount Bromo, is one part of the very all-encompassing land of a huge national park in Indonesia. Unlike Mount Bromo, however, which is more of a family recreational resort and does not require a huge effort if at all to climb, this mountain is for the more extreme people who prefer challenging routes and tall landscapes. The climb is steep as well as long, although the scene at the top is worth it. You should not challenge this mountain if you do not feel like you are ready for it.

Semeru, or Mount Semeru the active volcano located in East Java, Indonesia. Semeru 3.676meter above sea level is highest mountain on the Java island. Semeru is a vocationing destination that has been a main attraction for a long time. It offers an unforgettable experience as you trek your way up.

The Facts about Mount Semeru
Fact is, Mount Semeru is the third tallest active volcano in Indonesia, stretching to the amazing height of more than 3 thousand meters above ground. In the island of Java, this mountain is without match in terms of height. That is why no amateur climber should attempt it, because if you get tired halfway there and the day is over it could get pretty dangerous. The landscapes are wondrous and divergent, though, with varying views you will encounter en route including a vast grassland, lake area, beautiful lane spotted with wild flowers, and many others.

It takes about four days before you would finally reach the peak of Mount Semeru. At the peak, or a place better known as Mahameru, climbers are advised not to go near the crater of Jonggring Saloko. This could be dangerous because of the poisonous gas and lava that is spewed almost constantly from the crater. This toxic gas is more widely known as Wedhus Gembel.

This gas eruption happens every 20 minutes at peak of the mountain. The fact that Mount Semeru is actually a still active volcano could be the reason why. The eruption spews a cloud of white smoke, and the force of the eruption could send that plume all the way to a height of 800 meters. Material that comes out in every eruption include ash, sand, gravel, rocks and even hot coals. These are very dangerous if hikers are too close, so you are advised to not even go near the area where this is happening.

The Reviews about Mount Semeru
Considering all the dangers and tribulations that would include braving this tall mountain, you would think that many would steer clear of it, but the exact opposite seems to be true, because visitors flock from all around the world to get a taste of what Mount Semeru has to offer, and they give glowing reviews about this fantastic natural landscape

Mount Semeru

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