Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo

Description: When you are visiting Indonesia, you should not forget to pay a visit to Mount Bromo, the pride and joy that showcases the beauty of Indonesian nature and wonder.

The Guide for Trekking Mount Bromo
Mount BromoIndonesia is a country known for its natural beauty as well as still green environment. Those two are exactly what Mount Bromo has to offer, and if that is what you are looking for as you travel across the world to get a feel of true Indonesian natural heritage, then this site is one that you sorely should not miss.

Mount Bromo Scenic Route
The famous Mount Bromo is an all in one package, offering such scenic landscapes as a waterfall, sunrise peak, rushing rivers, serene lakes, and even desert sand, all the natural wonders you will ever want to experience gathered in one place. This exotic mountain is a part of a famous Indonesian National Park, and is located in the East Java. That is why the moment you enter this area, you will not only be treated to one vacationing area, but a whole 800 square kilometers of them. You may not have enough time to visit every popular spots available, simply because there are too many of them.

The sunrise at Mount Bromo is extraordinary, and it is what most travelers want to see. Up at the highest peak, you will see the silhouette of other mountains at the National Park as they cut dazzling figures of themselves. The curling smoke in the distance and the sun rising from a sea of rolling clouds will stun your senses. And as you travel down, the magnificent sea of sand will greet you. There, you can either enjoy horseback riding, drive a jeep around the hot sand, or simply the delicious contrast of cool mountain air and warm desert wind as you sit back and enjoy a cup of tea.

Mount Bromo Cultural Heritage
Not just a simple peaked landscape, Mount Bromo is also where an indigenous tribe has lived for a very long time. The Tengger Tribe are friendly people, and they will welcome you into their lives and their sacred mountain cordially. These people believe an astonishing story about the creation of the mountain, and would be glad to let you in on their folklore as well as other unique traditions.

Mount Bromo

Once a year, if you are lucky, you will be invited to join the Tengger Tribe‚Äôs cultural festival. They offer vegetables, meat, and money to the sacred mountain, asking for protection from the gods. The offerings are thrown into the volcano’s crater in a grand display. Mount Bromo is a place of stunning view and great culture, offering experience you shall find nowhere else.

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